Averitt Express

About This Project

A portion of the maintenance shop at Averitt Express was converted to a break room and office space for its over-the-road truck drivers. Nashville is one of Averitt’s most-traveled hubs, and the company wanted to create a space specifically designed for its drivers to relax and enjoy conveniences not easily found hundreds of miles away from home.

CHC provided the necessary HVAC and plumbing necessary for a workout area, kitchen, shower, laundry and lounge. This included installing a new 3.5-ton split unit and its ductwork, as well as reworking the existing ductwork to meet the space’s new heating and cooling demands.

With new amenities came new plumbing. CHC installed the plumbing and fixtures for four showers, four toilets, a water heater, the washing machine and ice machine hook ups, a floor sink, a hand sink, floor drains, and two rough-ins for beverage machines.

General Contractor:

DF Chase


Nashville, TN