Nacarato Volvo Dealership

About This Project

While planning the construction of a new facility, CHC Mechanical worked with the design engineer and the general contractor to provide a complete mechanical system for the 73,000-square-foot building. Heating and cooling for the offices and sales areas are delivered by a series of rooftop air handling units with a combined capacity of nominal 52 tons, in conjunction with variable air volume for zoned temperature control.

In addition, CHC furnished and installed a radiant floor heating system for the service bay and body shop. The heating water is tempered primarily by a waste oil clean burn boiler. Although a redundant natural gas boiler is provided, this eco-friendly solution takes waste oil from the service department and reuses it for clean energy.

To enhance the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and make it even more economical, CHC installed a complete Building Automation System for an integrated control solution. Incorporating all of the diverse systems within the building has proven to be a vital element of energy efficiency and increased comfort for Nacarato’s customers. With just a phone call, CHC Services technicians can access the control system and diagnose problems immediately.

General Contractor:

Hoyt Hayes


LaVergne, TN