Company History

Our team’s heritage is based on a long-standing tradition of delivering on our promises and providing the very best service in the mechanical contracting and service industry. And it all goes back to a very humble beginning, at a time when the first astronauts walked on the moon, the Miracle Mets won baseball’s World Series, and the Woodstock music festival took place.

Our Timeline


The first step in shaping the company’s future came when Garry Floeter was named general manager. He acquired 25% of the outstanding stock and was elected president of the corporation. A year later, the name was changed to Cookeville Heating & Cooling.

1973 - 1990

In the next decade, CHC grew by leaps and bounds. Eventually, the services division was spun off into a separate company, Cookeville Mechanical Services. Shortly after that, Floeter executed his stock options with the remaining CHC stockholder and retired any outstanding shares, assuming full ownership of the company.


In the early years of the new millennium, CHC and Cookeville Mechanical Services reorganized to better define each company’s focus areas. CHC maintained the commercial work, while CMS handled residential work. Soon after, Floeter sold his interest in CMS to the other stockholder, enabling him to put all of his attention into growing CHC.


That growth included the establishment of a commercial maintenance division, Cookeville Heating & Cooling Services, which eventually became its own company.