Wyatt Johnson Toyota

About This Project

Thanks to some innovative thinking, CHC Mechanical was selected to provide the mechanical systems on Wyatt Johnson’s new 37,000-square-foot Toyota facility in Clarksville, TN. By looking at different equipment manufacturers and selecting an alternative brand to the one that was specified, CHC saved the owner over $100,000 by making this small change without compromising performance.

CHC provided 123 tons of heating and cooling for the new dealership. The mechanical system uses various direct-expansion rooftop systems throughout the building. The service bays are served by two 28-ton, 100% outside air energy recovery ventilation units, which reclaim the energy from the exhaust air and use it to condition the fresh air for the building. This eliminates the fumes associated with automotive repair facilities.

General Contractor:

R.L. Haines Construction


Clarksville, TN